Gong Baths & Sound Healing

What is a Gong Bath?

Similar to meditation, "gong baths" can help to relieve high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain. Participants are usually lying down (fully clothed!) on yoga mats with blankets and a pillow to be warm and comfortable. The gong is played softly to begin with and as the sound journey progresses, the volume is increased so that sound waves travel over and through the body promoting many therapeutic benefits.

A Gong Bath is a deeply relaxing and peaceful experience. The gong works to have a clearing effect on any emotional issues, breaking up limiting and negative thought patterns, and as a result, is an excellent therapy option for stress-related issues, such as depression and anxiety. My chosen gong is the deeply hypnotic Chiron. Chiron is the wounded Healer, accessing our deepest wounds on every level and using its pinpoint decisive healing vibrations to highlight the major and most urgent issues in our physical and emotional bodies. Chiron is a true maverick energy and one that constantly changes to suit your needs. 

Gong Bath Dates

I am currently offering free gong baths to practise my skills before gaining my certificate in April. If you would like to experience a gong bath in exchange for some written feedback, please get in touch.